Exploit: Zero Day

Headless Swarm

When the mysterious Kilroy-sama approaches you to investigate the suspicious crash of a consumer drone, you discover the history of the sinister OnyxHorde and their connection to an old friend. But why is Samsara Digital interested in these events? Who is their slick PR representative and what does she want? Can you save the Zero Day inner circle and stop a violent attack on innocents? Find out the truth in the prelude season of Exploit: Zero Day — Headless Swarm.

When you purchase this you will unlock a series of nine jobs, each with a puzzle cluster. They will be released gradually over the upcoming months.


While Exploit: Zero Day is in closed alpha, "Headless Swarm" will immediately gain you access to the alpha test and the existing free story, "Black Echoes." If you only want access to the alpha and are willing to wait, you do not need to purchase "Headless Swarm"; you may instead sign up for our mailing list and you will get an access key in our next newsletter.

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