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Exploit: Zero Day

Darknet Security Kernel

Creator: sk3tch
Earned Keys:
Objectionable Security Module Objectionable Security Module
4^2: 1 4^2: 1
4x4 4x4
4+5+6 4+5+6
4x4 (1) 4x4 (1)


Welcome to Exploit: Zero Day! You currently have limited access, and can only play clusters and systems that have been shared with the public.

You can take a look around this cluster and play one of the systems, but your solutions won't be saved until you create an account.

If you want full access immediately, purchase our first season of paid story, "Headless Swarm." Otherwise, sign up for our mailing list and you'll receive keys when we next send out a batch.

current_user: Guest_001 ./login
guest@ezd:~$ _